Nina Cherie is a limited edition home textiles brand with a focus on vibrant color interactions and design. Each piece is created with the intention to bring playful energy into a given space. Handmade in her home studio just south of Boston, Nina creates each piece from start to finish with the help of her knitting machine. Using sustainable materials and careful craftsmanship she hopes that each item be passed down, the same way her Nana's knits have been passed down to her.

Nina fell in love with textiles during her second year at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She was fascinated when she stumbled into the fibers closet of her weaving classroom, she described it to be a "Harry Potter" closet with endless magical yarns scattered on all the tall shelves with a creepy old ladder to reach the highest shelves. This was when she found her happy place. After receiving her BFA she moved forward in full force as a working artist by building her brand and taking custom orders. She hopes to spread playfulness and comfort through all her creations.